There has been a buzz about NDTV Imagine’s new show ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’ for some time now. Apart from the fact that it’s an adaptation of Hema Malini’s superhit film of the same name, it’s also actor Cezanne Khan’s comeback vehicle after Kasautii Zindagi Kay. But now, even before it’s gone on air, there are already talks of replacements! Yes, Mouni Roy, who was slated to play the double role of Seeta and Geeta opposite Cezanne and Rahil Azam, has been replaced by Anjorie Alagh, who makes her telly debut with the show. The actress confirmed the news. “Yes, I’m doing this show. That’s because it’s an authorbacked role which was once played by none other than Hemaji and I think it will be a great challenge to play the roles. I could not have let go of this opportunity,” Anjorie says.

She’s quite aware that Mouni was supposed to play the roles earlier. “I don’t know why they changed their mind to take her. I was called for the auditions and taken on the basis of that,” says Anjorie. It’s also a fact that she is the channel chief Sameer Nair’s sister-in-law (he’s married to Anjorie’s sister Sawari). But the actress pooh-poohs the suggestion that she might have been cast because she’s related to him. “Sameer’s been in the TV industry for umpteen number of years. If I wanted a favour, I could have asked him long time back. I didn’t need to do Hindi films in between. This has nothing to do with Sameer. I auditioned for the part and got the role,” she says firmly.

But the young actress who’s quite new to Bollywood as well, clarifies that this isn’t a goodbye to films. “I have some films in hand and will continue working in them,” she says. But will this not give out a wrong signal to filmmakers who would have been keen on casting her? “On the contrary, if there are filmmakers who have not seen me perform yet, like my performance in this show, they will become interested. The actor has to be good, the medium doesn’t matter anymore,” she says confidently.(TNN)