ekta-kapoor-2Ekta Kapoor’s new year bash in Goa was not just be celebrated with her close friends but also with her entourage of six bodyguards, thanks to her mom Shobha Kapoor. When Ekta left for Goa to ring in the New Year with close friends Prachi Desai, Suvarna Jha, Priti Gupta, Shabbir Ahluwalia and Akashdeep Sehgal, little did she know that she had a surprise waiting for her at Goa. When Ekta landed at the Goa airport on Monday, she was taken aback to find three bodyguards waiting for her. Unknown to her, the bodyguards had left for Goa in a car on Sunday.

Our source said, “After Ekta reached Goa, Shobha saw on television that a high alert had been sounded in Goa. Still concerned about her daughter’s safety, Shobha hired three more bodyguards into service to protect her loving daughter from any untoward incident.

Normally, Ekta has her complete share of privacy when she goes for a holiday, be it in India or abroad. But the 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, has rattled everybody. Being a mother Shobha, is naturally worried about her daughter’s safety and is taking every precaution she can for Ekta’s well-being. She doesn’t want to take any chances.”

An onlooker from Goa said, “It was really funny to see Ekta being surrounded and followed by six bodyguards everywhere she goes.” Whether Ekta likes this added baggage or not, she is definitely not questioning her mother’s concern. Shobha has given strict orders, which are meant to be obeyed at any cost, even at the intrusion of Ekta’s privacy. (TNN)