uttaranAt a time when glam dolls are ruling the Indian television scenario, this eight-year-old actor is winning everybody’s hearts. This little wonder has charmed audiences away from the regular family dramas shown on television.

She might not slip into designer wear but her heartwarming smile will surely take your heart away. That’s Ichcha for you, whose successful television show Uttaran has made her a household name.

Known as Sparsh Purshotam Khanchandani off-screen, she studies in Kendriya Vidyalaya in Mumbai. The daughter of a science teacher and a government officer, Sparsh is enjoying playing an underprivileged girl, Ichcha, the daughter of a housemaid, who dreams big.

Unlike most child actors, she doesn’t want to pursue acting as her career in future. Instead, she has always dreamt of being an IAS officer. “I took up acting as a hobby, like dancing. I am studying in class 3 and the syllabus is quite easy at the moment. I am comfortably managing both the things. Once I reach a higher class and my studies need more concentration, I will quit acting,” explains Sparsh.

Sparsh has succeeded in balancing school and shooting schedules quite well. She says, “I get free from school at 1 o’clock and my shooting starts from late afternoon. I have now leant the art of time management and get adequate time to play, study and work. I even carry my books to shoot and sleep in the car at times.”

Uttaran is not her first tryst with the glam world. She has previously acted for a movie Red Alert, an Indian Oil documentary, a music video with Preeti Sagar and a TV show Mera Sasural .

Sparsh was selected for Uttaran after an intense audition and ‘look test’. She had to undergo an acting workshop before she started shooting for the show. She seems to have mastered the art by now. In one scene, she is seen mopping the floor in her mother’s absence, grief and disappointment written large on her face.

Sparsh states, “I just put myself in place of Ichcha and the expressions come on their own. Though I don’t have much in common with the character, I try to imagine what she has to go through.”

But has her star status taken away the charm of childhood and do her teachers and pals treat her differently now? She says, “I am still the same girl for everybody. Once I am off camera, I am Sparsh and not Ichcha. I don’t carry my star status around so others also treat me like they used to.”

Apart from Uttaran , Sparsh likes to watch Jai Shri Krishna, Chhote Miyan, Boogie Woogie and Balika Vadhu on television. She is even friends with the child star Avika Gor of Balika Vadhu fame. However, Sparsh doesn’t miss dressing up like her and wearing jewellery as she hates putting on make-up, especially lipstick.

If you talk about her favourite star from the Uttaran clan, the girl surely knows how to be politically correct. “I like Amu, Bajju, Kokkie, Taklu, Thakuraiyan, Tapasya, Nani….,” the list goes on and on.

Source : TNN