anuj-kapoor-sabWho says ghosts are only scary? There can be a lot of fun with them too. Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen in SAB’s new show Bhootwala Serial. And as the producers say these ghosts are not accidentally funny, but are actually meant to bring a mix of spooks and laughter with them. “Our bhoots are a funny bunch with limited powers and are actually scared of a mightier power than them. Much like the one who cannot be named, this mysterious force is called Wo,” says SAB business head Anooj Kapoor.

Each episode of this show will be a hilarious face-off between the bhoot family and a human family, both parties fighting to keep a bungalow. At the same time each episode also promises to keep viewers on the edge of your seats with the real horror force Wo at work. Says Kapoor, “In keeping with SAB’s strategy of relevant and ongoing innovation within the comedy genre, Bhootwala Serial is India’s first horror comedy on television. It combines humour and comedy to create a very enjoyable and unique family viewing experience.” Anup Upadhyay, Melissa Pai, Manju Brijnandan Sharma, Kiku Sharda play ghosts in the show. Dhruv Singh, Rajesh Kumar and Shital Maulik are part of the family.