amit-sarinNow that Radhaa ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi is going off air, actor Amit Sarin who had joined the show recently is naturally very disappointed. “All of us were very sad and emotional. Few were even seen crying because the cast had all bonded well like a happy family. It was great to work with them though I was there for only a few months,” says Amit.

Was it low TRPs that resulted in the show being pulled off? “Well, I think the channel took a call with the current revamping and reshuffling phase going on right now. TRPs could be the reason. But, I really don’t know as the show was doing quite well. Probably they want to introduce shows with different concepts,” says the actor.

Does he have any shows on hand at the moment? “No, not yet. I had received two offers to play negative roles. But, I declined both of them because I want to get back to my natural basic instinct for some time now… of playing a positive role,” says Amit.

Talking about insecurities that telly actors face, he says, “A show going off air is sad, but one has to move on in life. An actor has to learn to live with every phase in his career. After all, at the end of the day, the audiences The only thing was that it happened all of a sudden. Anyways, I’m hopeful and I’m looking towards new horizons,” signs off the actor.

Glacxy Ferrao, TNN