gaurav-chopra_narayani-shastriIts’ rather surprising that after having agreed to do a Valentine day special dance show with exboyfriend Gaurav Chopra and his current heart-throb Mouni Roy, Narayani Shastri suddenly chickened out of it. Why? According to our source, the two-hour act was to be shot last Friday and Narayani pulled out of the show two days before the shoot. It was a great loss of time and money for the production house as the costumes were tailored for Narayani and the act was choreographed to suit her style of dancing. However, after hunting for a replacement for Narayani, they managed to rope in Sayantani Ghosh.

Narayani simply denied the story and said, “I was not approached for any such program.” Mouni refused to comment stating several health issues. Gaurav too maintained that he had no clue about it and said, “It was never meant for Narayani, but, if at all she was part of the same sequence, I have no clue. It was always Mouni, Sayantani and I.” 02mouni

However, our source from the production house insisted that Narayani had indeed ditched them at the eleventh hour. Said our source, “Star Plus has planned a two-hour Valentine day special called Love Ne Bana Di Jodi. In one of the acts, a dance sequence involving two girls and a boy, one of the girls is jealous watching her boyfriend dance with another woman.

For this act, the production house wanted to cast Gaurav, Narayani and Mouni. Though Mouni and Gaurav were initially reluctant, they agreed to do the show after a bit of persuasion. But Narayani had a condition. She told the production house that she would participate only if Mouni was eliminated. But the production house refused to agree to her condition because now Gaurav and Mouni are together.”

Mumbai Mirror