gauri-pradhanRumours of pregnancy are naturally doing the rounds. As people saw her sipping on orange juice at parties while also flashing a lovely glow on her face, Gauri’s ‘pregnancy’ was the topic in hushed whispers amidst people in tellyland. We decided to speak to the lady herself.

“You know, I’ve been hearing of my pregnancy talks for some years now. And the day I will actually get pregnant, I’m sure no one will believe me,” she laughs.
But then what’s with the flowy attire? “Just a casual wear,” she says. And the glow on her face? “That’s because I do yoga. And the meditation really helps. That’s why perhaps the face is reflecting the glow,” she smiles.

On the work front, Gauri is currently doing Kumkum with husband Hiten Tejwani. “I can do only one show at one time due to the shoot schedules. The best thing is I am enjoying myself immensely because I am pursuing my passion to paint. I do it at home. One has got to see to believe it,” she says.