smriti-iraniThere are many ways to introduce this firebrand lady. Smriti Iraani — the television actress who has occupied mind space of millions of couch potatoes as Tulsi; the activist and politician who always spoke her mind regardless of the outcome; and the tele-serial producer who readily took upon the might of her powerful mentor Ekta Kapoor.

Smriti has always lived up to her screen image of an upright matriarch, who will not put up with any nonsense. It is this attitude, which has made her successful in all her roles on screen as well as in life.

Progressing well

With the serial Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi… being taken off air rather unceremoniously, Smriti has not been seen on screen for quite some time now. Ask her about this, and she says, “There are serials, which would go on air shortly, I have finished with the shoot, and the post production work is on now.” And, what about the Bollywood debut that she was to make in a film on Sai Baba (Malik Ek) this year? “There too I have finished with my part of the shoot. The film should release this year,” she informs.

Mentioning that her political roles are progressing well and her party has entrusted her with an important role, she says, “I’m a member of the national executive body of my party, which is the highest decision-making authority. I feel that is progress enough!”

Party responsibilities

Smriti had joined politics when her serial and, more so, her character Tulsi was extremely popular. Doesn’t she feel that too many things came together at the same time, making it difficult for her to divide time? She explains, “I think I have been able to manage my time and work in a very organised fashion, and it is perhaps for this reason that my party too, appreciating my organisational skills, gave me such a big post. I personally feel I’ve been able to do justice to everything that was put in my care.”

And, finally how has she divided herself between television and politics? “My commitments to television have been taken care of and delivered for the time being. At the moment, I’m concentrating on politics,” she signs off.


Barkha Mathur, TNN