For a change, tarot card reader and actress Munisha Khatwani is not seen acting or doing predictions on TV shows this time.

munisha-khatwaniThe girl is busy hosting T-10 gully cricket reality show with the well-known cricket commentator Charu Sharma. “Cricket is a religion in India which gets maximum exposure,” she says excitedly. “Plus, Charu Sharma was the host.

Besides, this show is giving me a chance to travel to parts of India where I’ve never been. When all the good factors like money and dates fell into place I thought why not take up such a good opportunity,” she says.

Talking about her switch from tarot card reading and acting to hosting, she says, “I wanted to have a different identity and do something different from what I’ve been always doing. Thankfully I’m not doing any predictions on the show! I’m the glamour quotient on the show and get bytes from players,” she says.

So does she hope that her first reality show and that too on cricket will change her fortunes as it did for Mandira Bedi? “Of course, I really hope that it changes my image as it did Mandira’s. Mandira became more famous after hosting a cricket show. If this show does something like that to me, I’ll be very happy,” says Munisha enthusiastically. Of course, one hasn’t seen her in noodle straps, but the costumes have been trendy as planned, she says.

On the personal front, as a tarot card reader she predicts that 2009 will be a good year for her in terms of stability in her career. And marriage? “Well, I feel that marriage will happen after 2010 onwards. Till then, I’m enjoying all the male attention,” she laughs.

Glacxy Ferrao TNN