Tapasya aka Ishita and Ichcha aka Sparsh are the two latest heartthrobs of Indian television.

ishita-sparshSeen in a soap which is being telecast these days, the kids recently visited Lucknow to promote their serial. Needless to say, they stole our hearts too.

As we sat to chat with them the two brats rattled off answers to questions they were expecting. “I am Ishita and she is Sparsh, I study in 5th standard and she is in third,” says Ishita. Sparsh chips in, “My father is an Army officer and my mother a teacher and Ishita’s parents are doctors.”

Just when we are gathering our wits at their smartness they fire another volley in unison. “Our favourite actors are Shahid Kapur, Kareena Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar and the film we’ve liked lately is Rabb Ne Bana Di Jodi. Now ask us any other question you want to,” they say.

What next? We wonder. So we begin with asking their birthdays. “That is an original question,” says Ishita, sounding impressed. And with all starry airs and gestures in place she tells us, “Mine is on 1st December and…,” “Mein apni khud bataungi ,” butts in Sparsh, “…Meri 11th October ko hoti hai.”

The senior of the two, Ishita, doesn’t fail to tell us of her achievements. “I have modelled in several ads and done a film Ek Vivah Aisa Bhi and a few serials while this is Sparsh’s first serial.”

And are the two just as friendly off screen as they are on screen? “No, we never fight. We are like sisters. She is my younger sister and I look after Sparsh.” Meanwhile, Sparsh herself says, “I fight with Ishita but we make up quickly.”

What about the lovely dresses and toys that Ishita keeps getting in the serial? Doesn’t Sparsh feel left out? “But I share them with her na?” says Ishita, plucking her eyebrows. Why are you doing that, we ask and she says, “This is for a wish and I’m wishing that we get something to eat and then sleep soon,” says she while Sparsh yawns.

What do the girls like to eat? “I love chicken tikka,” says both. And what else do they like to do, we quiz. “We love to dance,” say the two. “You know, we dance on Dance Pe Chance Maar Le together and everybody on the sets loves it,” says Sparsh.

What about school? Do they get as much attention there, we inquire. “Not as much. In my school there are children of several celebrities, so for them it’s nothing unusual I’m doing,” says Ishita while Sparsh says, “Children at my school initially were quite impressed but now they are okay.”

Ok! but what about the times when they step out? Do they like the crowd that gloats over them? “Sometimes it’s nice, at other times it’s not so,” says Ishita but Sparsh says she loves it. And do they get requests for autographs? “Yes, and I write ‘With love from Ishita’,” says Ishita. “I just write my name, but now I will also write ‘With love from Sparsh’,” quips in the younger one.

What do they like to do in their spare time, we get inquisitive. “I like to play chess and study,” says Ishita “And I like to watch movies and study,” says Sparsh. Study? But most kids don’t like to study, we say. “We are not like other children,”says Ishita adding, “We love to study. I want to become either a doctor like my parents or an actor and to become either I will have to study,” says she. Meanwhile, Sparsh adds, “Education is very important for us. Only then can we progress in life. It’s for my own good.”

With so much gyan imparted to us by the girls, we bid them goodbye as Sparsh lays her head in Ishita’s lap in exhaustion and the latter sings her a lullaby and strokes her head.

Reporter – SHREE MISRA , TNN