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Television actors Amit Verma and Benaf Dadachanjee chose to have an interactive and fun session. So they decided to interview each other when they were in town recently… 

You know her as sweet and bubbly Baby (Benaf Dadachanjee) and the understanding, smart Birju (Amit Verma) from the popular television show Baa, Bahu aur Baby. They both were in Ahmedabad to celebrate 500 episodes of their show and they also happen to cut a cake as they are getting engaged.Not in real life but in reel life! “I had been to Ahmedabad few years back but couldn’t see the city, hope to see something this time,” says Amit. While for Benaf this is her first visit to the city and she wishes to explore it. With long shooting hours, it gets really impossible for actors to interact even if they spend most of their time on the same sets. We found out that both the actors enjoy each other’s company and wished to tell the audience more about each other. We caught them in a jovial mood having fun and cracking jokes with each other.

Benaf puts Amit on a hot seat


How did you feel when you dress up like a woman in the show?
Amit: I felt horrible. I wasn’t even wearing a wig. It was a pathetic feeling.

Which is your favourite song?
Amit: I love the title song of Singh Is Kinng.

How did you feel when we did our first romantic sequence together?
Amit: I love romancing on the screen. I was into the character but you kept laughing instead of blushing. I really enjoyed the sequence.

I keep telling you that you have lost weight though you may have or not, how do you feel?
Amit: You are a total smart girl — you know I am dieting and have put on weight, you make sure to give me so much food that I stuff myself and then can’t shoot. And whenever you want to have a burger, you just want me as company.

What if one day you have to do a show that has timings from 7am to 7pm?
Amit: I have signed in all my contracts that I will not shoot early in the morning. But if I have to do a show, God bless the channel, production house and my swollen face — my face gets blotted when I get up early in the morning.

What do you think about me?
Amit: An absolute Mumbai girl — chirpy, bubbly and talkative. But you also have a big heart — you can never see anyone in pain. You are emotional and a very good human being from inside.

Will you do a show with me again as a couple?
Amit: Why not! I would love to do shows with you.

Amit shoots back

amit-birju-bbbDoes it really affect you if you don’t get the correct measurement of salt in your food?
Benaf: It doesn’t affect my diet at all, but I get cranky. I am mad about food and I want it perfect.

For what do you come on the sets — lunch break or shooting?
Benaf: When I come on the sets, I just keep waiting for the pack up time. I hate make-up, it’s so dirty.

What happens to you post 10 pm?
Benaf: I laugh aloud and spread the laughter everywhere.

As you are on a diet these days, will you come out for lunch with me?
Benaf: Just one week is left and then I can eat everything. I will surely go out with you and show you my will power — how I can gorge on food. And well I also workout, so I can eat and exercise.

What do you think about me as an actor?
Benaf: You are wonderful, understanding and very nice. I can’t forget the way you taught me how to romance on screen —patiently and nicely.

Who has a better body Gautam Rode or me?
Benaf: Of course Gautam. He works really hard on his body, while you don’t and that is what I like about you.

After we get married in the show and if I have to leave the show, will you miss me?
Benaf: I will miss you a lot. I will tell you to come on the sets so that we can have lunch together — even if the food is not good, atleast I can enjoy good company. 






smriti-iraniThere are many ways to introduce this firebrand lady. Smriti Iraani — the television actress who has occupied mind space of millions of couch potatoes as Tulsi; the activist and politician who always spoke her mind regardless of the outcome; and the tele-serial producer who readily took upon the might of her powerful mentor Ekta Kapoor.

Smriti has always lived up to her screen image of an upright matriarch, who will not put up with any nonsense. It is this attitude, which has made her successful in all her roles on screen as well as in life.

Progressing well

With the serial Kyunki… Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi… being taken off air rather unceremoniously, Smriti has not been seen on screen for quite some time now. Ask her about this, and she says, “There are serials, which would go on air shortly, I have finished with the shoot, and the post production work is on now.” And, what about the Bollywood debut that she was to make in a film on Sai Baba (Malik Ek) this year? “There too I have finished with my part of the shoot. The film should release this year,” she informs.

Mentioning that her political roles are progressing well and her party has entrusted her with an important role, she says, “I’m a member of the national executive body of my party, which is the highest decision-making authority. I feel that is progress enough!”

Party responsibilities

Smriti had joined politics when her serial and, more so, her character Tulsi was extremely popular. Doesn’t she feel that too many things came together at the same time, making it difficult for her to divide time? She explains, “I think I have been able to manage my time and work in a very organised fashion, and it is perhaps for this reason that my party too, appreciating my organisational skills, gave me such a big post. I personally feel I’ve been able to do justice to everything that was put in my care.”

And, finally how has she divided herself between television and politics? “My commitments to television have been taken care of and delivered for the time being. At the moment, I’m concentrating on politics,” she signs off.


Barkha Mathur, TNN


krutikaBeen there and done that, that’s how Krutika Desai describes her journey on television after featuring in almost 45 TV serials till date. This number could have been more had she not taken her little breaks from TV. “I left acting so often. When I got married and had my daughter, I took a break for two years. There were many offers coming my way but then nothing excited me. So I kept saying no. Then I did a Gujarati play and later got back to TV.

At present I’m bored again doing the same stuff so don’t be surprised if I disappear once again,” said the actress and added, “When something interesting comes my way, like the dance show between the saas-bahus that I was part of, I get all charged up,” said Krutika, who was earlier petrified of dancing on screen till Chandrakanta happened. “That was the reason I didn’t want to do films and I was sceptical to dance in Chandrakanta too but then people liked me,” said Krutika, who has tried every genre of serials except mythology.

“Initially I did a lot of positive roles but later I preferred doing the negative ones since it’s the next big role after the positive role of the bahu,” said Krutika, who is currently doing Sunil Agnihotri’s serial Black which is based on para-normal activities. “I play a journalist in the serial who tries to find out about the para-normal things that are happening around her. krutikadesaiIt’s an interesting subject unlike the other horror shows you see these days,” said Krutika. The actress has done films before, is she game to try her hands at it again? “I’m dying to do a Hindi film. There was a time when I was getting offers but they were roles like that of a blind sister etc so I chose TV which was offering me lead roles.

But now the kind of films that are being made are different. It’s a refreshing change. Aamir Khan is awesome, I fell in love with him when I saw Lagaan , then my love for him grew when I saw Taare Zameen Par and now after seeing Ghajini , I’ve made up mind to propose to him,” laughed Krutika and said, “Can I just marry him?”


srk1You are back on television once again but this time as producer.

Yeah…I started my acting career with serials like CIRCUS and FAUJI. I got to learn a lot of things. I got into films because of having worked in serials.

After CIRCUS, you are once again working with Aziz Mirza on the television front.

Yes. Nothing would have been possible without Aziz Mirza’s expertise, advice, and guidance. I would have been nowhere without him.

What made you venture into TV when low TRPs have become the order of the day?

You need support and friends who think alike. We have been discussing this since last two-three years. There is risk for sure but NDTV Imagine was confident that we were competitive enough. I want the young people in my film production house Red Chillies to diversify into different arena.

What kind of programmes will your production house churn out?

There is nothing specific that we are planning for television. I have been a film producer for the last eight to nine years and have an acting experience of 20 years. I can bring a difference to television in terms of presentation of content. I will try to bring cinematic value to television.

Why did you choose title GHAR KI BAAT HAI for this sitcom?

It’s a good title. It has lyricism in it. We had another title called DEVDAS KI MAUT which was not so happening. The serial is about a family, their neighbours and different situations that they face in life thus its GHAR KI BAAT. If you ask me why comedy, personally I like comedy more than anything else.

Do you think this serial has your Ghar Ki Baat?

Well television industry doesn’t have that much money to have a set like my home. Jokes apart, it will have everybody’s ghar ki baat with lots of spice. Its first episode has Sumit Raghavan forgetting his anniversary. Interestingly, I haven’t forgotten my marriage anniversary yet. Even otherwise there are stories like these happening in my home too.

Will you be making a special appearance in the serial?

Yeah, I will be making A special appearance as and when required. We will try to rope in more special stars if required.

Source : BTNN

nidhi-sethWhile we are in the middle of our photoshoot in a leading city club, we hear murmurs of ‘You are Kaveri right?’ as a motley bunch of teens and young women hover around prime time television’s rising star Nidhi Seth, who’s striking a picture-perfect pose for our lensman.

Even if her prime time daily went off air a few weeks ago, Nidhi continues to be remembered for her onscreen persona. An Amdavadi by birth, Nidhi was home recently taking a break from her gruelling work schedule in Mumbai. A student of St Kabir School and a graduate from Som Lalit, Nidhi misses Ahmedabad. “I celebrated Uttrayan here and went on a trip with my family to Vaishno Devi, Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir. It feels great to be home — away from all work. I miss the festive fervour of Navratri a lot,” says Nidhi who is getting used to living in Mumbai — the city which never sleeps.

Now that her show’s gone off air, what exactly is she busy with? “Well, there are talks with a leading channel and I might be a part of a series of 13 episode-show — a fiction show which will include thrill, suspense and action. It will be directed by various Bollywood directors. I might work for Mahesh Manjrekar’s episodes,” she elaborates.

Nidhi who’s played important roles in a slew of shows (melodrama, romance and horror) feels she’s good at comedy too. “Apart from regular shows, I want to do comic cameos but not reality comedy shows. I would also love to try my hands at doing action,” shares Nidhi who’s also a yellow belt in karate.

A trained dancer, Nidhi learnt “classical dance from Mrinalini Sarabhai’s dance academy. Music, rhythm and beats are in my blood. I am very comfortable dancing. When I was in school, I had participated in a dance-based reality show on television.”
Like all television stars, Nidhi too, has Bollywood dreams. She admits that the magic of the big screen and all that adulation that a movie star gets is addictive. “The woman in a TV show is an ideal mum, wife, daughter. Everyone fantasises about the woman in a film — she’s the epitome of beauty, oomph. In fact, everything from the canvas to the medium, mode of work of films and television is different. TV also has time constraints — we don’t have episode banks and work round the clock. That really affects the quality of work and we hardly get time to improve on our performances. Films bring out the best in you — actors are expected to be at their best in films.”

For now though, Nidhi is “reading film scripts”, is in the process of “finalising” a film project, working on her telly soaps and taking quick breaks. Not necessarily in that order though!

by TNN

New Delhi: Singer Sonu Nigam, who has recently taken up the role of a mentor in a reality show, says that the programme is a medium for him to disperse his knowledge in music among the participants.

“I was approached for just two episodes of Indian Idol 4 but now that I am a part of the show I will try to give the participants whatever knowledge I have about music
from my guruji (teacher),” says the singer.

When asked why he didn’t join the show as a judge Sonu says, “I am still learning music each day I don’t think I am really capable of judging anyone.”

The 35-year-old singer feels that that shows like Indian Idol besides providing a platform also helps to make the struggle process easier for all the aspiring singers.

“The singers today do not have to go through any of the struggle that we went through because of these musical reality shows, like Abhijeet Sawant, who became a star
overnight all thanks to Indian Idol,” says the singer who was in the capital recently to perform at a fund raising event for organised by Mahavir International for the blind.

Sonu, who is recognised for his versatility and the amazing range of his vocals, feels that a singer gets “enough publicity” even if he/ she does not go on to win the show in the end.

“Even if a singer does not win the show the popularity helps in the long run,” says Sonu who also considered an idol by a lot of upcoming singers.

Always known for being away from the league Sonu says that he always wants to try different things and experiment.

“I have always believed in being different, stagnation would be the end for any artist,” he says. The singer is also famous for his chocolate boy looks.

“When I first started body-building I was discouraged by a lot of people who said that singers do not need a good but today I can say that my fitness has improved my voice,”
says Sonu.

The singer lamented the ‘Golden Age’ in playback singing “where singers like Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey used to complete very difficult songs at one stretch with live orchestra in the recording studio”.

“Today it is possible for anyone to be a singer with the kind of technology available any voice can be fine tuned in the recording studio which is pleasant to hear.


ronit-roySince then of coure, there has been no looking back for this actor. That’s Ahmedabad-born Ronit Roy in a nutshell for you. Within the seven years that he spent in television industry, he has carved a niche for himself by donning over 15 serials and winning various awards.

After a brief sabbatical, he’s back playing the male lead in Ekta Kapoor’s new soap. As we ask him about the role, he shares, “I play a diamond-dealer called Dharmraj in the serial. He is a workaholic, stubborn and quite ambitious. He lost his wife but still loves her.” We ask here that this role seems similar to what the character track of Bhuvan Chaudry in film Devdas, here he quickly chips in, “Whatever character you do has a resemblance to real life or fiction characters. Every character in this world is played and performed – it depends on an individual about how to draw the lines in differentiation.”

Ronit participated in two dance-based reality shows and judged yet another dance-based show. Ask him how has been the transition for him from being a participant to that of a judge? “Both have their own relevance. I feel, being a judge is like being director and participant is like an actor in a reality show. Being a participant, I was just concentrating on my dance sequence, steps, and costumes et al. Whereas for as a judge, it was a task where I had to extra careful as my judgement would mean a lot to the performer. Also, judging is a natural progression towards next level to me.”

And what are his upcoming projects? “Talks are on with producers about films and serials but nothing has been finalised as of now. So, right now I’m just focussing on this show. Interestingly, this is for the first time I’m just part of one project, otherwise I usually have at least three back-to-back projects slotted for me.” ronitroy07

After having done so many roles, which is the one closest to his heart? He plays it safe. “All my roles are close to my heart. My favourite has to be Rishabh Bajaj. People still relate to me with that role.”

For all you know who don’t know, Ronit also owns a security firm. We asked him how he manages the firm along with his hectic acting schedule? Here he tells, “Ab toh aadat ho gayi hai. I generally start my shooting schedule in the afternoon, so I keep the morning reserved for my firm.” Now this is what we call balancing act!
He says he has no time for leisure, “I’ve no hobbies. In fact I don’t like to dance also. I learnt dancing to participate in reality shows! I don’t party much and whenever I get time I spend it with my children.”

Ronit adds, “I’m very close to my three children-Ona- my 18-year old daughter, Ador who’s three and Agasthya my one-year old.” We asked him what Ronit is like as a person? He sums it up, “I’m a simple and very family-oriented person. I believe in God and am very religiously inclined.”